About Technodic

"Technodic Technique"

Our reputation is built on credibility. Our commitment, with a 400+ customer base, to in-house quality assurance, competitive pricing, ability to be innovative for projects with highly individualized specifications and global delivery services has earned us the reputation as one of the finest finishers in New England.

Our 50+ years of experience help us to anticipate our customers needs for an end product in the manufacturing cycle. While Technodic, Inc. is primarily a metal finishing facility occupying 19,000 sq. ft. of production space, we provide our customers with a multitude of services "You Make It, We Finish It". These services include but are not limited to PEM insertion, all phases of assembly, screen printing, laser engraving and packaging. We ship locally, nationally or globally allowing us to meet the demands of our customers.

Lowest Minimum Price .... Guaranteed!

Whether you are a high production manufacturing facility, job shop, prototype shop or just a weekend auto enthusiast we can accommodate all of your projects at competitive pricing with highly individualized attention.