Rhode Island's Powder Coating Leaders

"You Make it. We Finish It" with the "Technodic Technique."

Technodic, Inc. specializes in the development and application of high quality, high performance powder coatings. Our metal finishing operations consist of anodizing, passivating, chromating and powder coating serving industries that demand the requirement of durabilitly and/or aesthetics. Since 1960 we have been serving high-tech, aerospace, aircraft, marine, medical, pharmaceutical, measuring instruments, automotive, military/defense, architectural, screw machine, stamping, casting, telecommunications, food and beverage service as well as educational serving our local universities, colleges and trade schools.

With the introduction of our Powder Coating in 2005 we continue to serve all of these industries including the new green technology, as well as decorative applications for furniture (indoor and out), display, lighting, fixtures, gaming products/recreation, unique one of a kind art works, as well as adornments for the fashion, cosmetic and novelty industries.

Powder Coating Division - New Location
60 Stamp Farm Rd Cranston, RI

"You Make It. We Finish It."